River Falls Golf Club
Men's League

2020 Men's League Final Standings

2020 Weekly Matchups and Results

Week 12 - August 19, 2020 - Playoffs - Round 1
****  Team Flighted Red-Tee  ****

Week 13 - August 26, 2020 - Playoffs - Semi Finals
****  Team Flighted Scramble ****

Week 14 - September 2, 2020 - Playoffs Championship
****  Individual Flighted Tourney ****

Week 11 - Wed August 12, 2020 - Front Nine
                **** Last Week of Regular Season ****

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2020 League Results and Prizes

Week 11 Games Results and Prizes

Closest to Pin on Drive
$10 from League Prize Fund 
Closest to Pin Hole # 6 - Scott Elliott

Closest to Bullseye on Drive
$20 from League Prize Fund
Closest to Bullseye on Hole # 3 - Ben Graf

Low Net Winners
From League Prize Fund 

1st Place - $40 - Net 33 Jared Palmer
2nd Place - $20 - Net 33 - Randy Nickerson

41 Participants - $205 Pot 
2 Skins won @ $102 cash to each winner + $1 Bar Tip:
Birdie on Hole #5 Travis Meyer
Birdie on Hole #James Wildman

*** There are a couple of special league rules that apply for Playoff Matches.
(1) It is required that at least one Primary Golfer must compete for a given team in each playoff match. **A golfer that played at least 3 matches (** 2020 season only) for a team can also be considered a Primary Golfer in the Playoffs. A qualified Sub can play in place of one primary golfer in a playoff match. A “qualified Sub” is a golfer who played for that team in a valid Regular Season match in the regular season. If a qualified Sub is unavailable, then you can use another established Sub that has played in current season. Subs can only play for 1 team in the playoffs.  You cannot establish a new golfer for a playoff match.

(2) The second special rule is that if two teams are tied 25 to 25 at the end of a playoff match, the tie will be broken first by lowest team net total score. If still tied, then the team with the most total points from the Match Play portion of the match will win. If the teams are still tied, then the next tie break will involve looking at the lowest handicap hole and the team that had the lowest combined actual score on that hole. If the teams tied on that hole too, then they look to see who won the 2nd lowest handicap hole, and so on, until a winner is determined. If still tied on holes played, use “Tiebreakers for Playoff Qualifying and Seeding.  See League Rules at www.rfgolfleague.com for details.


2019 RFGC Men's League Champions

"Junior's"    ** Now Rush River Brewery in 2020 **

Lee McPherson Sr & Lee McPherson Jr
Missing from photo: Primary Golfer Cal Schwartz


2018 RFGC Men's League Champions

"Swinging Bridge Brewery"  

Dan Armitage & Justin Armitage


2017 RFGC Men's League Champions

"BIG & Chubby"  now SERVPRO

Mike Locke & Jim Koller
River Falls Golf Club Pro Shop:  715-425-0032

League Coordinators
Jon Graetz:  651-271-4811  jongraetz@gmail.com
Jared Palmer:  612-756-2894  palmej2@gmail.com

2020 League Schedule

Each week during the season.......
** Check in with League Coordinators by 5:15 pm so that you can tee off by 5:30 pm 

Regular Season - 5:30 pm Shotgun Start
April 29 Cancelled June 24 Week 4
May 6 Cancelled July 1 Week 5
May 13 Cancelled July 8 Week 6
May 20 Cancelled July 15 Week 7
May 27 Week 0 July 22 Week 8
June 3  Week 1 July 29 Week 9
June 10  Week 2 August 5 Week 10
June 17  Week 3 August 12 Week 11


------------- Playoffs and Special Events -----------
August 19 Week 12 1st Round of Playoffs &
Team Flighted RED TEES!
August 26  Week 13 2nd Round of Playoffs &
Team Flighted Scramble!
September 2 Week 14 Championship & 3rd Place
Individual Flighted Tourney

**Important** - Even if it is looking like you are not one of the 8 teams out of 24 that make the playoffs….
Make sure you attend the final 3 weeks of the Golf League in August because there will be special Flighted Events each week that will involve Over $1500 of prize money for non-playoff teams !!!!

Playoff Qualifiers

(3 Division winners + 5 At-Large Points leaders)

Seed   Team Name   Total Points

Division Leading Teams

1 - Ragin Cajun - 319 pts

2 - Johnson Brothers Plumbing - 313 pts

3 - A-Team - 300 pts

At Large Teams

4 - Grip It & Sip It - 302 pts

5 - Any Hole is the Goal - 299 pts

6 - R&R - 297 pts

7 - Sned's - 295 pts

8 - Rush River Brewery - 291 pts

*** See League Rules for Playoff Qualifying Tiebreakers and Seeding Details.

RFGC Men's League Playoff Tie-Breakers
1. Total season points. 
2. Regular season head-to-head. **Only if teams played each other** 
3. Most points in divisional matches. **Only for determining divisional finish** 
4. Most points in matches with common opponents. 
5. Lowest Net Team Score for a Regular Season week number that is randomly drawn. (Repeat step 5 until all Regular Season week numbers are exhausted.) 
6. Flip a Coin.

Week 12 - Wed Aug 19th - Red Tee Event

2-Man Team Red Tee Rules:    BACK NINE

All non-playoff team golfers will play in the 2-Man Team Red Tee Event.

Each Player will tee off from the Red Tees and play their own ball and score each hole as normal Stroke Play. The max score on hole will be 10. The sum of both Golfer's Gross scores from a team will be the Team Total Gross Score.

Flights 1,2 and 3 will be determined by the total team HCP. Starting Flight Breakdown will be (5-5-6) by ranking team HCP and if missing teams then lower HCP flights will have less golfers. Use low single HCP on team and then Most League Pts and Playoff Tiebreakers to split HCP ties to determine what team goes to lower HCP flight.

Once in a flight, teams compete for the low Team Total Gross Score in each flight.

1st Place team in each Flight wins $80, 2nd Place team wins $40

Ties will be broken by low team strokes on the low HCP hole, continuing to the next low HCP hole until the tie is broken. Prize will be split if tie is not broken.

Week 13 - Wed Aug 26th - Scramble Event

2-Man Team Scramble Rules:    FRONT NINE


All non-playoff team golfers will play in the 2-Man Team Scramble Event.

Each teammate hits a ball from the tee and they decide which of the 2 shots to play their next shot from. This counts as the first stroke for the team’s score. Repeat the process for each team shot until the ball is holed. Record team score for each hole on scorecard. Play shots within 1 club length of selected shot when off the green within the same ground condition.

If a team only has a single golfer, Team HCP will be player's HCP x 2 and the player will only be able to repeat 2 shots per hole.

Flights 1,2 and 3 will be determined by the total team HCP. Starting Flight Breakdown will be (6-7-7) by ranking team HCP and if missing teams then lower HCP flights will have less golfers. Use low single HCP on team and then Most League Pts and Playoff Tiebreakers to split HCP ties to determine what team goes to lower HCP flight. Once in a flight, teams compete for the low Team Gross Score in each flight.

1st Place team in each Flight wins $80, 2nd Place team wins $40.

Ties will be broken by low team strokes on the low HCP hole, continuing to the next low HCP hole until the tie is broken. Prize will be split if tie is not broken. 

League News and Updates

Update - We filled the 24th team!!

Ben Abram and Geoff Willems, both previous League Members and Subs, have agreed to "Buy" the Ghost Team for $60 each.  They have played in matches for the team for the last 3 weeks and agreed to taking it over even with a Week 1 zero point "goose-egg".
Thanks to Ben and Geoff and they actually want to keep the name of the team as "The Ghost Team"

We will be looking at the procedure that we were using for Ghost Players as a possibility for No Shows procedures for Next Year.

2020 RULES Reminders!!

USGA Rules Apply unless noted as a Local/League Rule - Here are some USGA Rules Basics:

Ball hit Out of Bounds - margin marked by White Stakes and Property Fences:  These will be played according to the rules of golf. When ball goes out of bounds, must rehit with penalty of 1 stroke.

Ball hit in Red Penalty Area - margin marked by Red Stakes: 4 options - 
a) play ball where it lies from within the penalty area with NO penalty
b) With penalty of one stroke, drop 2 club lengths from the point that the ball crossed the margin of the penalty area no closer to the hole  
c) With penalty of one stroke, drop anywhere on a line from the point that the ball crossed the margin and keeping that point and the flag in line going back as far as you want
d) With penalty of one stroke, rehit from the position of the last shot.

Ball hit in Red Penalty Area (Environmental Area) - margin marked by Red Stakes with GREEN Tips: 3 options - 
Same as regular red stakes EXCEPT you cannot use Option A.  You are prohibited from playing a ball in a Red Penalty Area marked with Red Stakes that are Green Tipped. 

*IMPORTANT* Local/League Rule - Any unmowed area on the course that is not otherwise marked by White, Yellow or Red Stakes is considered a Red Penalty Area:
The margin of the "Penalty Area" is the line that divides the mowed from the unmowed portions of that area of the course and played as if that line is marked with Red Stakes.

*IMPORTANT* Local/League Rule - Drop Area on Hole #4: On Hole #4, there will be a drop area designated by a Flag each week during league play on the Front 9.  Any golfer that loses their ball on the tee shot on Hole #4, will play their 3rd shot from within 2 club lengths from the Flag that will be placed at the beginning of the fairway on #4.

Conceding Putts:  A golfer can concede his opponents putt as long as it is not for Birdie or Par.  A golfer can also concede his partner's opponent's putt.  Make sure to discuss with your playing partner so that you both understand what you want to do as a team regarding concessions.

Online Scoring  We continued to enhance our Online Scoring and League Management to continue to allow teams to be able to enter their league match scores using a website that will work very well from a Smart Phone or any mobile device or computer browser.  Players will be able to review scores that were submitted and we will be able to automatically score matches and provide Skins and Match results much more quickly.  
We are also planning to update the publishing of results in a more automated way to allow results to be posted to the League Website quicker and also display results on monitors the same evening in the RFGC Clubhouse.    

We will continue to print out Scorecards each week and require teams to review, sign and turn in after matches for the first few weeks.  After everything looks good, we will continue to print Match scorecards, but ask that after entering your scores online, that you hang on to the written scorecards for a couple of weeks so that you can use it if there are any issues with the previous match results.

Final 2020 Rules will be posted by next week June 3, 2020.  Click on the Rules button at the top of the page to review.  

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Pick up your Men's League Team Info Packets each week!!

Every week, make sure that someone from your team takes the Team Info Packet with your team's name on it when checking in.  Each team will get a match scorecard in the Packet - make sure that there is only one scorecard signed by both teams and turned in after golfing each week. 

  • Each team will pick up a Team Info Packet with their name on it.  Each packet will include a Scorecard for the specific match with updated League Handicaps on the back and an Info sheet for the current week with Last Weeks Results.
  • Low and High HCP players for each team must be determined before match.
  • If a player’s Name or HCP is not listed on back sheet, you must get a HCP Slip from the League Coordinators.
  • Please include FULL PLAYER NAMES on scoresheet.
  • The max score to record on any hole is 10.
  • One member of each team MUST verify and sign ONE scorecard.  The completed card will be turned into the Men's League Scorecard bin or League Coordinators after golf.  Make sure that you confirm that someone is turning in a Scorecard for your match before leaving!!
  • One person from each match will Enter Scores online at rfgc.azurewebsites.net using the Secret Code of 2018.

Weekly Low Net Prize   

$40 for 1st Place lowest Net Score, $20 for 2nd Place during head to head match up weeks.
First Tie-Breaker is Lowest Actual Score, then use individual hole scores to break ties.  Must have posted 2 league scores before qualifying for Low Net Prize.

IMPORTANT:  League Subs and Attendance

According to our League Rules - All teams are responsible for making sure that 2 golfers show up each week to represent their team.

If you are having any issues finding someone or there was an emergency, please contact a League Coordinator.  We will help you find someone, but it is still your team's responsibility to find Substitutes.  Our rules state that "Any team that has 4 individual golfer absences during the League Season can be replaced at the discretion of the League Coordinators without a refund of league fees."

Since we started working on the 2018 season, we have been building a list of Substitutes that may be available to golf.  We will only publish their contact info if they choose.  Otherwise, plan ahead when you know that you need someone.  DO NOT WAIT Until Wednesday before golf to find a sub - it does not work well.

Thanks again to everyone who joined the league this year - our ultimate goal is to ensure that each team and golfer has someone to compete against each week.