Closest to Pin
Prize Donated by Junior's
Award of $10 Gift Certificate
Closest to Pin Hole # 17 - Ben Graf

Closest to Bullseye 
Prize Donated by Dick's Bar
Award of $10 Gift Certificate
Closest to Bulls-Eye Hole # 15 - John Lisowski

Long Drive in Fariway 
Prize Donated by Johnnie's Bar  Award of $10 Gift Cert:
**50 & Over**
Long Drive on Hole # 16 - John Lisowski

Prize Donated by Johnnie's Bar  Award of $10 Gift Cert:
**Under 50**
Long Drive on Hole # 16 - David Hengel
Low Net Winners
From League Prize Fund 

1st Place - $25 - Net 31Keith Van Dell
2nd Place - $15 - Net 33- Todd Dennison

41 Participants - $205 Pot   
5 Skins won @ $41 cash to each winner:
Birdie on Hole #10Justin Armitage
Birdie on Hole #11Dave Buck
Birdie on Hole #16Jerry Carpenter
Birdie on Hole #17Jack Meyer
Birdie on Hole #18Scott Elliot

Mystery Game - Random Drawing 
Prize Donated by RFGC
Award of 18 Hole Round of Golf
John Lisowski